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Great Beer. Pure & Simple

At Bowen Island Brewing, we've been making great BC Beer for a really long time - since 1986, in fact. And every beer we brew is made pure; no additives, no preservatives and no flavour changing pasteurization.

Our way is to brew you a beer the way mother nature would. If she was into making beer, that is. We figure she was probably just too busy. Otherwise she would have done it, right?

So we took it upon ourselves to use the best barley that Canada has to offer, the finest hops from here in BC and around the world and our fresh BC water. We brew it in small batches and we don't mess around with the brewing process along the way. No "extra water" to stretch our production. No added flavors that shouldn't be in craft beer. And we don't add anything extra to the cost either (Noticed that, haven't you?).

So if you're the kind of person who likes their beer to taste the way real beer should then you'll probably like the way we do things at Bowen Island Brewing. Yes, a Bowen beer tastes like craft beer should.

It's great beer. Pure & Simple.

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