About Us


At the Bowen Island Brewing Company, we are dedicated to a simple and crystal clear mission. To bring you the tastiest, best value, authentic craft beers available in BC. 

100% Malt Recipes: Absolutely no adjuncts!

We don’t use corn, we don’t use sugar or fructose and we don’t use rice. If we make a beer that uses anything but 100% barley malt, we tell you right there on the pack. Our beers pass the 1516 Bavarian Purity Law.

Small Batch Brewed Recipes

All our beers are brewed in small, individual batches and so each beer is a somewhat unique representation of our Brewmaster’s skills. We do not do any continuous or high gravity brewing processes that the big breweries use to s-t-r-e-t-c-h their production.

All Natural, No preservatives, No Additives.

You won’t find an ingredients list on our beers. Why? Well, our beers are a 100% natural product. We don’t use preservatives and we don’t pasteurize. Pure, natural beer.
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